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Please be clear, that not a single government of any country in the world makes a refund to the rejected visa applications be it for any reason.

If you have clicked this, our sympathies are with you. You are just another victim that fell in their trap. Only if a little effort of online research was done all this could have been avoided. No dear, no one can help you at this time.You are just too late to look for the right help now! At we have a very strict policy of transparency.We will never askfor extra money.

This situation is just as like buying a coffee from a burger or pizza place and expecting it to be "the coffee". An airline is good for flights, they earn money by selling their flights, they are not visa experts. They will never take an interest in the minute processing technicalities. Expecting their seriousness on this is not their fault. No one can help you once the visa application has been processed. Just wait and sip "the coffee"

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